Biolifting and Radiofrequency lifting with the Body Jet device

Feel young and beautiful with the help of radio frequency lifting with the Body Jet device. The procedure supports the activation of collagen in the skin, restores its elasticity, erases fine lines and sculpts the contour of the face.

  • Radiofrequency lifting heats the skin with a temperature between 45°C and 65°C, the collagen fibers are activated and begin their gradual regrouping. Thus, the skin regains elasticity, contours the oval of the face, erases fine lines and surface wrinkles.

  • Biolifring is a micro electric current that stimulates blood circulation and shortens muscle fibers in a form of passive gymnastics. It helps the absorption of active ingredients and relieves infections.

You will see a visible effect from the first procedure, but the degree of power of the device increases gradually and 3 to 5 procedures are needed for an optimal result.

  • Biolifting/Radiofrequency lifting package with 3 procedures BGN 196.20

  • Biolifting/Radiofrequency lifting package with 5 procedures BGN 290.00

Please note that advance booking is required on tel: +359 52 812 812

For more information and reservations: +359 52 812 812, info@aquahouse.bg