Organic VOYA - Rituals with organic algae

VOYA Organic is the world's first certified line of cosmetic products based entirely on organic algae. It preserves the traditional method of collecting the algae - manually in the sea, using no chemicals in their processing and storage, but only a combination of essential oils.

Among the beneficial effects of algae, those on the skin are particularly popular. Among their main characteristics, the powerful properties of hydration and ionic regulation, through the increase of cellular metabolism, occupy a leading place. Wrapping with algae has a powerful relaxing effect, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect, remineralizes the body, stimulates lymphatic circulation and eliminates toxins. It is suitable for recovery from bone and muscle damage, rheumatism, consequences of poliomyelitis, edema, skin diseases, weight problems, cellulite, stress. The algae bath, in turn, provides the body with minerals and trace elements that are highly concentrated and easily absorbed through the skin. Seaweed baths are recommended to stimulate the metabolism, improve blood circulation and relax the body. Algae treatment is also extremely useful for sleep quality issues, as a way to deal with stress and reduce muscle pain.

Organic algae bath – 30 min | BGN 88.00 The bath with hand-picked organic VOYA algae restores and improves metabolic processes in the body, heals, strengthens the immune system, reduces nervous tension and muscle tension, extracts toxins, counteracts stress, relaxes, restores good sleep. The therapy is suitable for people suffering from skin irritations, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Organic ritual with seaweed Laminaria – 80 min. | BGN 190.00 Laminaria strips are prepared immediately before the ritual by rehydrating and heating to release their healing ingredients and deeply hydrating gel. The combination of organic scrub, wrapping with Laminaria strips and restorative massage with organic oil stimulates metabolic processes, drains, detoxifies and purifies the body, reduces muscle and joint pain, strengthens blood circulation and the immune system, has a toning and strengthening effect, reduces stress and tension, purifies the skin, strengthens and hydrates the epidermis.

Anti-cellulite ritual with seaweed Laminaria – 50 min | BGN 154.00 Deeply hydrates, drains, improves metabolic processes, extracts toxins, smoothes the skin, reduces fat accumulations and lymphatic stagnation, counteracts the formation of cellulite. The therapy is suitable for enhancing the effect of any slimming and shaping regimen.

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