Aqua area

In Aqua area you have at your disposal:

  • indoor and outdoor pool
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • hot therapeutic pool
  • outdoor contrast pool
  • outdoor Finnish sauna
  • beach area
  • umbrella and sunbed
Prices (weekend and public holidays)Prices (weekdays)
Full day visit30.00 BGN25.00 BGN
3 hours visit22.00 BGN20.00 BGN
Visit from 08:30 to 11:30 or visit from 17:00 to 20:0018.00 BGN16.00 BGN
towel (for rent)3 BGN
bathrobe (for rent)5 BGN
Membership cardsPrice
Monthly card 4 visits90 BGN
Monthly card 8 visits170 BGN
Monthly card 12 visits225 BGN
Three-months card 36 visits540 BGN
Personalized membership for one year 72 visits*720 BGN

*valid for one calendar year without limitation of the number of visits per month

Swimming lessonsPrice
Individual lesson for children or adults 30 min.30 BGN
Individual lesson for children or adults 40 min.40 BGN
Group lesson for kids 40 min.18 BGN
Membership card for individual lessons 5 lessons x 30 min140 BGN
Membership card for individual lessons 10 lessons x 30 min270 BGN

*Membership cards are valid for 2 months.

Additional services Aqua area

Towel (for rent)-3 BGN
Bathrobe (for rent)-5 BGN
Valuables safe-6 BGN
Jacuzzi15 min.10 BGN

Thermal area

In Thermal area you have at your disposal

  • access to Aqua area
  • outdoor and indoor pool
  • hot therapeutic pool
  • contrast pool
  • Finnish sauna
  • infrared herbal sauna
  • steam bath
  • hammam
  • salt room
  • umbrella and sunbed
Prices (weekend and official holidays)Prices (weekdays)
Full day visit40.00 BGN35.00 BGN
3-hours visit32.00 BGN29.00 BGN
Visit from 08:30 to 11:30 or visit from 17:00 to 20:0027.00 BGN25.00 BGN
bathrobe (for rent)5 BGN
towel (for rent)free
Membership cards Aqua + Thermal areaPrice
Monthly card 4 visits119 BGN
Monthly card 8 visits224 BGN
Monthly card 12 visits315 BGN
Three-months card 36 visits756 BGN
Personalized membership for one year 72 visits*1008 BGN
Monthly All Inclusive - Aqua + Thermal + Fitness - unlimited number of visits366 BGN
All Inclusive for 1 year - Aqua + Thermal + Fitness - unlimited number of visits2200 BGN

*valid for one calendar year without limitation of the number of visits per month

Executive Lounge

Executive lounge is a special place that will provide you the highest class of services and unlimited access to all areas in AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach. Here you can organize a private party or find complete privacy. The Executive lounge is a private space with its own sauna, a jacuzzi and massage room, and it offers an unparalleled sense of coziness and comfort.

Full day visit1000 BGN
Visit up to 3 hours*500 BGN
*every additional hour is charged150 BGN

Wellness zone

Medical procedures

Medical proceduresDurationPrice
Medical examination30 BGN
Treatment with low-frequency electric currents15 min15 BGN
Interferential electric currents15 min14 BGN
Ultrasound therapy8 min15 BGN
Electric stimulations15 min14 BGN
Vacuum and electric stimulation15 min14 BGN
Magnetic therapy
of one zone15 min12 BGN
of two zones25 min19 BGN
Partial mud-cure25 min25 BGN
Mud-cure "trousers" type25 min25 BGN
Complete mud-cure30 min32 BGN
Compress with Pomorie lye of one field20 min19 BGN
Compress with Pomorie lye of two fields20 min25 BGN
Tangentor25 min30 BGN
Whirlpool20 min25 BGN
Bath with sea salts30 min40 BGN
1 session1-3 min60 BGN
10 treatments package-490 BGN


Classic massage
partial25 min30 BGN
full-body55 min55 BGN
Aroma massage
partial25 min35 BGN
full-body55 min65 BGN
Healing massage with magnesium oil40 min55 BGN
Reflexotherapy25 min40 BGN
Sports massage
partial25 min40 BGN
full-body45 min70 BGN
Relaxing massage60 min70 BGN
Bali massage60 min80 BGN
Thai massage60 min85 BGN
Stretching massage30 min49 BGN

Anti-cellulite procedures

RF body lifting with Body Jet30 min65 BGN
RF and vacuum massage of the body with Body Jet40 min65 BGN
Pressotherapy30 min30 BGN
Manual lymphatic drainage25 min30 BGN
Hands25 min35 BGN
Legs35 min49 BGN
Anti-cellulite massage30 min45 BGN
Anti-cellulite ritual with Laminaria - VOYA organic50 min96 BGN
Remodeling therapy with gypsum mask70 min105 BGN

SPA rituals

Organic seaweed bath – VOYA Organic30 min55 BGN
Organic ritual with Laminaria – VOYA Organic80 min119 BGN
Detoxicating therapy Hydro-Marin – Dr. Spiller60 min72 BGN
Bulgarian rose therapy – Eco Spa70 min72 BGN
Therapy Rahima – Dr. Spiller70 min79 BGN
Manaru – Scent from the southern seas – Dr. Spiller60 min89 BGN
Magico – Summer Brazilian Whiff – Dr. Spiller60 min89 BGN
LINEA SPA Wine body therapy80 min78 BGN

Cosmetic facial procedures

Facial massage20 min30 BGN

Revitalizing facial therapies

Cellosophy Cellebration - Dr. Spiller60 min130 BGN
Luxurious therapy - Dr. Spiller60 min100 BGN
Oxygen therapy - Dr. Spiller50 min60 BGN
Collagen anti-aging therapy with 3D botox effect60 min80 BGN
LINEA SPA Wine facial therapy50 min40 BGN

VOYA Organic face rituals

Self Discovery - deep cleansing face ritual70 min70 BGN
Marine Eye - ritual for eye contour with algae45 min50 BGN
Deluxe - ritual for face with algae Laminaria70 min115 BGN

Facial therapies with a Body Jet device

Bio-lifting of the face and neck - for lifting of the upper lid and firming of the chin30 min59 BGN
Radio-frequency facial lifting - for firming and forming of the facial contour30 min59 BGN

Gentle depilation

For women
Arms15 BGN
Armpits10 BGN
Whole legs30 BGN
Half legs20 BGN
For men
Arms20 BGN
Armpits15 BGN
Whole legs38 BGN
Half legs25 BGN
Back25 BGN
Waist25 BGN