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The complex


AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach

Sea, sun, healing mineral water and benefits of the sea water and climate - all the unique natural resources of the oldest Black sea resort, combined in one location - AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach.

With its 14 pools and water amenities on an area of 6000 square meters finely arranged with natural plants and gives the feeling for serenity and peacefulness and offers excellent conditions for relaxation, sport, and health improvement and rehabilitation.

The guests may enjoy three separate areas, providing different activities and emotions.


Health and beauty by the power of the mineral water

АQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach is a destination for balneology, balneoprevention, SPA, wellness, sport, health care, beauty, youth and good condition. The mineral water in the complex has indicators that have a beneficial effect on both the health and the overall condition of the body.

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Sts. Constantine and Helena resort

Only a few kilometres from Varna, amidst the coolness of the sea shore and the beautiful greenery, is found one of the most picturesque places on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast – Sts. Constantine and Helena - our first Black Sea resort, which begins the history of sea tourism in Bulgaria.

For more than a century this place offers its beautiful coastline, its fresh air, its cozy beaches and its cool freshness, as well as its health and beauty through the power of sea water and the healing mineral waters of the resort. They are one of its most valuable treasures. This unique combination has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the body and spirit, reduces stress and strengthens immunity.



Have the pleasure of tasting something fresh and delicious near the sea.

Along with the overall idea and with the help of the best specialists, is made our special menu - healthy, balanced, that will satisfy gourmet lovers, vegetarians, as well as fans of the vegan diet.


Fresh bar

Cocktails, smoothies and other refreshing drinks are also available at the Fresh bar.

Refresh yourselves and enjoy a day of positive vibes and good mood.