What is AQUAHOUSE Loyalty?

AQUAHOUSE Loyalty is our loyalty program

The program allows its members to benefit from additional discounts on all services in the complex. The amount of discount you can use depends on your level in the program:

  • Basic (if your turnover in the complex exceeds 800.00 BGN) – 10% discount on all services

  • Classic (if you turnover in the complex exceeds 2000.00 BGN) – 15% discount on all services

  • Exclusive (if your turnover in the complex exceeds 3500.00 BGN) – 20% discount on all services

You also get:

  • Access to the parking.

  • As a member of the AQUAHOUSE Loyalty program, you will have the opportunity to receive information about special promotional offers, news about future events, bonuses and other preferences.*

  • For this purpose, we need to receive in your application for participation in the program, your explicit consent to use the personal data provided by you for marketing purposes of AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach.

The discounts provided when using the AQUAHOUSE Loyalty card are not combined with other current promotions of AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach.

Membership terms in AQUAHOUSE Loyalty:

  • Every guest of AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach has the right to become a member of AQUAHOUSE Loyalty after his first visit and use of our services.

  • For this purpose it is necessary to fill in an Application for issuance of a loyalty card.

General terms for using the AQUAHOUSE Loyalty card:

  1. AQUAHOUSE Loyalty card is issued by and remains the property of Karachi EAD.

  2. The issuance of a club card AQUAHOUSE Loyalty card is done after filling in an Application for issuance of a card, signed by the cardholder and presented in person at the reception in AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach.

  3. The personal data specified in the Application will be used only for the purposes of the customer loyalty program and will be processed in accordance with the personal data protection policy of KARACHI EAD.

  4. The application for issuance of a card is individual.

  5. Members of the program can be only adults. Person who is a member of AQUAHOUSE Loyalty is entitled to receive an identity card and is entitled to only one loyalty card.

  6. The AQUAHOUSE Loyalty card privileges are used only upon presentation of a card and an identity document.

  7. Each new member receives his AQUAHOUSE Loyalty card on the spot in AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach after filling in the Application for membership in the program.

  8. Issuance of the card is free of charge.

  9. In case the loyalty card is lost, stolen or destroyed, its holder must contact our Guest Relations Department as soon as possible, tel: +359 52 812 812, info@aquahouse.bg.

  10. AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach is not responsible for illegal actions or misuse of third parties with the individual loyalty card for the period from the occurrence of circumstances of theft, loss or destruction to their notification.

  11. AQUAHOUSE Loyalty card is not a bank card and it is not a means of payment.

  12. AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach reserves the right to change the terms of use of AQUAHOUSE Loyalty cards at any time without notice. Each change will be announced on the website www.aquahouse.bg.

  13. The loyalty card is valid only for AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach.