About mineral water

Mineral water is a key in our overall concept of health. The water used at AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach is hyper-thermal 46⁰С, mineralized - total mineralization of 553 mg/l, hydro-carbonate sodium-calcium-magnesium water, which makes it suitable for a variety of therapeutic applications.


The healing and prophylactic properties of the water

When using the mineral water for drinking balneotherapy and SPA prophylactic, it has a beneficial influence on the following: gastrointestinal, gall-liver, renal, urological and metabolic.

When using for external balneotherapy and SPA prophylactic, it has beneficial influence on: musculoskeletal, peripheral nervous system, orthopaedic and traumatological issues, skin and gynaecological diseases.

Contraindications: specific diseases, oncological diseases, infections diseases, heart rhythm disorders, acute-stage diseases and decompensated function of organs and systems, epilepsy.