SPA programs

At AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach we continue the Sts. Constanine and Helena resort's long-standing traditions in the field of balneology, balneotherapy, health prevention and rehabilitation, and we will prepare the most suitable therapeutic programme for you.


Detox program

7 treatment days - 22 treatments - 582.00 BGN

Suitable for: The program is recommended for people who are under stress, overweight and smokers.

Effect: The combination of healing mineral water with thalassotherapy with micronized seaweed; and specific ointments, rich in iodine content thallaso products; healing firth mud treatments; have a powerful detoxifying effect. The energizing action of pure marine plants stimulates metabolism and eliminates toxins in the body. All this, combined with a balanced and healthy diet, have beneficial influence on the body and lead to its recovery and rejuvenation.


Ayurvedic program

7 treatment days - 18 treatments - 557.00 BGN

Suitable for: The program is suitable for people suffering from daily stress as well as those who want to relieve the accumulated tension.

Effect: The program is based on Ayurvedic science. This is an Indian holistic "science of life" that studies the natural healing properties of nature. It is considered the oldest healing therapy which is practiced to this day to achieve complete harmony between body and mind.


Therapeutic program

7 treatment days - 28 treatments - 472.00 BGN

Suitable for: The program is suitable for prevention and balneotherapy of people with: degenerative joint diseases, inter-vertebral discs damage, inflammatory joint diseases and conditions after fractures and their surgical treatment; conditions after post-arthroscopic conditions and endoprosthesis of the hip, knee and shoulder joint.

Effect: The anti-inflammatory effect, the reduction of the muscle spasm and pain lead to an increase in the volume of joint movements and functional recovery of the musculoskeletal system. The combination of balneotherapy with healing mineral water and firth mud treatment has a chondroprotective effect and thus helps achieve a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system.


Thalassotherapeutic program

7 treatment days - 28 treatments - 445.00 BGN

Suitable for: The program is suitable for profilactic and balneotherapy of the following conditions: arterial hypertension I and II degree, problems with the lungs, problems of the musculoskeletal system-traumatic injuries and chronic conditions.

Effect: Thalasso therapeutic program will help you to eliminate the accumulated toxins in the body and enhance regenerative capabilities. A great choice for preventing diseases such as osteochondrosis, spondylitis, arthritic disease, disc pathologies, bronchial asthma, arterial hypertension I and II degree. Therapeutic treatments help to stimulate cells regeneration, improve blood circulation and activate the production of collagen and elastin in tissues.


Algae therapeutic program

7 treatment days - 25 treatments - 477.00 BGN

Suitable for: The program is suitable for weight loss, detoxification, recovery after childbirth, elimination of fluids from the body. It has antiseptic and soothing effect, strengthens the immune system, it is used for a treatment of chronic vascular insufficiency.

Effect: The program has a rejuvenating effect, because the algae makes the skin smooth and elastic. The sea mud and the algae help to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage, thus the swelling is reduced. It has a protective effect on veins, improves the condition of blood vessels and may be useful for varicose clots. Assists at reducing body weight with speeding up the body metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system as well as mineralizing and anti-stress effect.