Cosmetic studio

Cosmetic facial procedures

Facial cleansing70 min70 BGN
Ultrasound peeling and mask30 min51 BGN
Ultrasound and an ampule20 min34 BGN
Diamond microdermabrasion30 min56 BGN
D'Arsonval10 min14 BGN
Facial mask20 min29 BGN
Facial massage20 min44 BGN
Facial massage and mask40 min58 BGN
Eye contour20 min36 BGN
forming of eyebrows14 BGN
Eyebrows/Eyelashes dyeing22 BGN

Revitalizing facial therapies

Luxurious therapy - Dr. Spiller60 min132 BGN
Oxygen therapy - Dr. Spiller50 min79 BGN
Collagen anti-aging therapy with 3D botox effect60 min106 BGN

VOYA Organic face rituals

Self Discovery - deep cleansing face ritual70 min92 BGN
Marine Eye - ritual for eye contour with algae45 min66 BGN
Deluxe - ritual for face with algae Laminaria70 min152 BGN

Facial therapies with a Body Jet device

Bio-lifting of the face and neck - for lifting of the upper lid and firming of the chin30 min66 BGN
Radio-frequency facial lifting - for firming and forming of the facial contour30 min66 BGN

Gentle depilation

Hands22 BGN
Armpits14 BGN
Whole legsBGN 44
Half a leg29 BGN
Bikini line/Belly lineBGN 22
Brazilian hair mask44 BGN
Upper lip14 BGN
Cross22 BGN
Hands29 BGN
Armpits22 BGN
Whole legs56 BGN
Half leg36 BGN
Abdomen/Chest29 BGN
Back36 BGN
Cross29 BGN