Detox program

DETOX program - eliminates toxins and rejuvenates your body


7 treatment days - 930.00 BGN

5 treatment days - 663.00 BGN

Treatment plan:

  • Medical examination by a specialist with the appointment of an individual treatment plan and program, according to the state of health, at the beginning and end of the program.

  • Partial detoxifying Aroma massage - 2

  • Detox therapy for Hydro-Marine with products of Dr. Spiller - 2

  • Mud treatment - 3

  • Reflexology/massage of the feet and legs - 2

  • Lymphatic drainage - 2

  • Magneto-therapy - 2

  • Bath with natural mineral water + micronized algae - 2

  • Daily visit to one of the following procedures: steam bath, sauna / classic or infrared /, Hammam, salt room - 7

  • The program also includes a balanced and healthy diet, prepared by a specialist, group walks on the sea beach in suitable weather conditions.

Suitable for: The program is recommended for people who are under stress, overweight and smokers.

Effect: The combination of healing mineral water with thalassotherapy with micronized seaweed and specific ointments, rich in iodine content thallaso-products; healing firth mud treatments; have a powerful detoxifying effect. The energizing action of pure marine plants stimulates metabolism and eliminates toxins in the body. All this, combined with a balanced and healthy diet, have beneficial influence on the body and lead to its recovery and rejuvenation.

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*This program can not be combined with any discounts.