Handbook of happiness

I'll ask you: "Аre you happy?" and you will answer me: "No" or "I don't know" and you will blame stress for this. Stress - this insidious word, so short, but full of so many negatives. But today I am choosing to focus on the positive and I will reveal you my concept of living the sweet life or 5 little tips how to be happy by doing nothing at all. Well, not literally nоthing.

  1. I start with the cliché - find your hobby and be passionate about it. Give yourself one hour per day and do something you really love - sing, dance, paint, play sports, turn puzzles into placemats, enroll in a pottery class, learn to knit with a crochet hook, or do whatever you think will calm your mind and consciousness. The hobby is the healthiest way to give yourself a slice of time, free from any worries and obligations, and just enjoy the moment. Here and now.

  2. Get a massage more often. No, this is not a me-spoil thing, expensive pleasure or a modern quirk that makes you subconsciously spend more money on something you don't really need. Massage is also not a piece of your favorite cake that you taste from time to time when you are not on diet. On the contrary, it is one of the most ancient methods of treating the body of various diseases. If you, like me, work all day sitting in the same posture - then massage is a must and a necessity. At a time like this when I have to be always available, massage is my proof that the tranquility is the new luxury. And as you know – calm people are the happy people. Try it and thank me later.

  3. Try to breathe consciously, not out of habit. Just sit comfortably, abstract yourself from everything else, and focus your attention on breathing. Let your thoughts and feelings just come and go from you. It's nice isn't it? Try to do it more often, especially in very tense situations and see the result - your mind and body are calming down, as if with each inhalation and exhalation you are adding another piece of the puzzle called "Happiness."

  4. Enable offline mode and turn on your digital detox. I admit, it sounds pretty difficult to me, maybe even a little impossible. But the time we are living with you is fast - you do everything with one click on your phone, and a lack of internet connection on a rainy Sunday can put you off balance. However, when you are not satisfied with your appearance, you usually choose a healthy diet plan or buy a new fitness subscription, and when you suffer from digital stress, why do you continue to be exposed to it daily? Give yourself one day a week with no TV, no news websites, no social medias and mostly no smartphone! And for a double dose of detox, you can combine that day with pampering at the SPA. Mmm...

  5. Find balance and try yoga. For me, this is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to feel better in your skin. There are so many different types of yoga, and no matter what you choose - more dynamic or more relaxing - the harmony that this practice will bring to your life is astonishing.

In short, this is my concept of living the sweet life, which may be yours too. A new habit is created in just 21 days. I will ask you again if you are happy on February 28th.

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