Medical procedures and healing programmes

Medical proceduresDurationPrice
Medical examination44 BGN
Treatment with low-frequency electric currents15 min22 BGN
Interferential electric currents15 min21 BGN
Ultrasound therapy8 min22 BGN
Electric stimulations15 min21 BGN
Vacuum and electric stimulation15 min21 BGN
Magnetic therapy
of one zone15 min17 BGN
of two zones25 min28 BGN
Partial mud-cure25 min36 BGN
Mud-cure "trousers" type25 min36 BGN
Complete mud-cure30 min46 BGN
Compress with Pomorie lye of one field20 min28 BGN
Compress with Pomorie lye of two fields20 min36 BGN
Tangentor25 min44 BGN
Whirlpool20 min36 BGN
Bath with sea salts30 min58 BGN
1 session1-3 min66 BGN
10 treatments package-539 BGN