SPA therapies and procedures

SPA therapies

Types of spa therapy programs at Aquahouse Thermal & Beach

Aquahouse Thermal & Beach is the newest and most modern water facility in St. St. Constantine and Helena. It confidently continues the decades-old traditions of the resort in the field of balneotherapy and balneotourism. The guests of Aquahouse Thermal & Beach can take advantage of 14 outdoor and indoor pools with mineral water, which is distinguished by the highest quality and excellent healing and preventive properties. Our team has also created special programs for spa therapy aimed at satisfying specific needs of the person. In the following lines, we will tell you a little more about the types of spa therapy programs you can choose from at Aquahouse Thermal & Beach:

To manage stress

Stress is among the biggest problems of the working person in today's intensive and busy working life. Effective spa therapy is able to free you from it and limit its negative impact on your physical and mental health. The spa therapy programs that Aquahouse Thermal & Beach can offer you to manage stress, are "Ayurvedic Program", "Balance and Harmony" and "Digital Detox".

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For weight loss and detoxification

We also offer spa therapy programs aimed at shedding extra pounds and ridding the body of all harmful substances and toxins. Such type of spa therapy programs are Detox program, Algotherapeutic program and High intensity program.

For treatment and prevention

Spa therapy programs suitable for people who suffer from chronic bone and joint diseases or have frequent problems with pain and discomfort in the lower back or spine. Depending on your condition and needs, in Aquahouse Thermal & Beach you could choose between a Healing Program, a Thalassotherapy Program and a Medical Spa Program.

For a healthy life

To this category of spa therapy programs we could refer "Active Health". The program is an excellent choice for people who play sports and have a healthy lifestyle (or want to practice one in the future). By choosing "Active Health", you will have the opportunity to combine physical exercises with healing procedures and a balanced diet to fully recharge your body.

For a romantic vacation with your loved one

Our catalog also includes the "Wellness a la carte" program, which will provide you with a romantic spa vacation for two. Enjoy health and beauty treatments, a complete rest and unforgettable experiences together with your loved one!


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