SPA therapies and procedures


Classic massage
partial25 min30 BGN
full-body55 min55 BGN
Aroma massage
partial25 min35 BGN
full-body55 min65 BGN
Healing massage with magnesium oil40 min55 BGN
Reflexotherapy25 min40 BGN
Sports massage
partial25 min40 BGN
full-body45 min70 BGN
Relaxing massage60 min70 BGN
Bali massage60 min80 BGN
Thai massage60 min85 BGN
massage of the head and the face - Shiro Abyanga50 min60 BGN
massage of feet and legs - Pada Abyanga45 min55 BGN
whole body massage - Ayurveda Shirodara80 min90 BGN
Relaxing massage for Him and for Her60 min130 BGN

Anti-cellulite procedures

RF body lifting with Body Jet30 min65 BGN
RF and vacuum massage of the body with Body Jet40 min65 BGN
Cavitation with Body Jet30 min65 BGN
Pressotherapy30 min30 BGN
Anti-cellulite massage30 min45 BGN
Anti-cellulite ritual with Laminaria - VOYA organic50 min96 BGN
Remodeling therapy with gypsum mask70 min105 BGN

SPA rituals

Peeling with a pouch30 min50 BGN
Foam massage30 min50 BGN
Peeling and foam massage60 min90 BGN
Sultan masage70 min105 BGN
Asise Sultan masage70 min105 BGN
Jansu massage70 min105 BGN
Antistress therapy with aromatic moor – Pevonia65 min102 BGN
Organic seaweed bath – VOYA Organic30 min55 BGN
Organic ritual with Laminaria – VOYA Organic80 min119 BGN
Detoxicating therapy Hydro-Marin – Dr. Spiller60 min72 BGN
Bulgarian rose therapy – Eco Spa70 min72 BGN
Therapy Rahima – Dr. Spiller70 min79 BGN
Manaru – Scent from the southern seas – Dr. Spiller60 min89 BGN
Magico – Summer Brazilian Whiff – Dr. Spiller60 min89 BGN
LINEA SPA Wine body therapy65 min68 BGN
Body mask – with micronized algae30 min40 BGN